Weight Struggles

Losing weight has been a major struggle for me . I’ve been struggling with my current weight for the last couple years 😞. I could make up a ton of excuses as to why I haven’t been able to shake this excess weight but the truth is I lack discipline. I am very laxed with my workouts and the food I chose to eat. I can honestly say if I could shed a few pounds I could probably post more fashion post but I CANT FIT ANYTHING! (Inserts cry for help) I struggle with overeating snacks and sugar. Currently on the hunt for healthier snack options. I don’t want to try any challenges because those just make me want to binge eat. I read a very informative article on FB (article can be found here) about snacking and increasing the amount of protein you eat daily in order to stay full for longer periods of time. Definitely going to try to incoporate the tips from the article in my everyday life. (screaming)  I just want my body back!!! Being in my 30s has some serious cons. Metabolism is slow as fuck or maybe I’m just eating more than I ate in my 20s. Nah it’s my metabolism! Why won’t the skinny Gods let me back in? 🤔

Thanks for listening to me vent… xo

What are some of your struggles? How do you stay on track?