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Get the Look for Less

Kim Kardashian is quite the Fashionista.

While filming for her reality show in Miami, Kim K. visited the Christian Louboutin Boutique in style, as always. Her style mainly consist of: peplum, leather, and lace all of which, are huge trends right now. The three combined create a sexy, trendy, yet chic look. This look is simple yet fabulous.

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White After Labor Day???

All White Everything
I know we’ve all heard the phrase “no white after Labor Day!”
This is clearly an outdated notion and has no validity whatsoever, unless of course you’re someones grandmother.
White has been popping up everywhere. The fall/winter runway shows have showcased the hue for the past few seasons. We have seen our favorite celebrities embracing the hue… can you blame them?? White is such a sleek, rich color. So, why ban the hue for 8 straight months all because of a myth? I get the fact that most people relate the color white to a spring/summer color. However, there are many ways one can transition their whites into the fall/winter season.One can start by blending their lightweight fabrics with heavier fabrics, better known as layering. For years I was so stressed out upon the arrival of Labor Day making an extreme effort to wear all my white pieces before I had to store them away. If there are no rules in fashion why are we even pondering the thought? Fashion is simply an artistic way of expressing oneself. Right or wrong that’s just how that individual was or is feeling at that exact moment. So, here’s a new phrase for us all to start embracing “white after Labor Day is right!!!”