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2013 Top 14 Spring Must-Haves!

Yesterday was the official first day of spring *screams* I can’t tell. There is nothing more exciting than putting away sweaters, boots, and coats in preparation for the warmer climate. This only means one thing…Its time to SHOP! There are a few spring essentials you must have before the weather breaks. Take a look..

1) Spring trench coat- Can’t go wrong here. Classic piece for those breezy spring nights.

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Season Trends: Are You Feeling the 90s Inspired Overalls Trend???

The 90’s inspired overalls trend is growing fast. Do you remember wearing Overalls?!  There were long ones, short ones, skirt ones, colorful ones, corduroy ones. Sometimes we’d even leave one strap unbuckled for cool points. (I  know, these are memories best left forgotten.) With overalls flooding stores at every price point, will you be able to resist their cozy charm.

 Try wearing tanks and short sleeve shirts underneath and adding a blazer or leather jacket on top for a more layered funky look. Consider a thin printed sweater or button up for a more 90s inspired look. Piled on accessories look great with denim, so try stacking on several bangles or braided bracelets along with statement rings and bold earrings. Adding interesting accessories ensures your look will be fashion forward.  Take a look at the three fashionistas below for inspiration.

I am currently on the lookout for the right pair of overalls… stay tuned for a overall edition of What’s In My Closet?

Thoughts on the overalls trend?

Trend Report: Pajama Trend

Whether you’re totally convinced of its daytime wearability or not, luxe, ladylike sleepwear certainly is on the rise and slowly taking over one designer at a time. The pajama trend has been around for quite sometime. I remember hearing about it in 2009. Celebs and fashionistas alike are loving the easy just-got-out-of-bed look which pays homage to Hugh Hefner’s favorite attire. Rihanna follows a long line of PJ-loving ladies including Elisa Sednaoui, Salma Hayek, Ulyana Sergeenko, Sofia Coppola, Viviana Volpicella, Marina Larroudé and Caroline Sieber who have all been working traditional sleepwear into luxurious daytime attire.The look is so hot Sofia and Caroline have worn the same Louis Vuitton Resort 2012 set.

Marc Jacobs is the latest designer to jump on board with the trend. During his fall 2013 fashion show PJ’s took over the runway. Take a look…

I’m not a fan of the pajamas that look like one should be in bed. however, the middle look and the look to right in the image below aren’t so bad. Should I try?

What are your thoughts on the pajama trend???

Images: Style.com /RCFA



Season Trend: Larger Than Life (OVERSIZE) Trend

There’s no better feeling than being comfortable. That being said, I don’t have to tell you guys how amazing oversized clothing is, in terms of coziness — we would all live our entire lives in our oversized pajama t-shirt and shorts if we never had to see another soul ever again.We often hear that clothes should fit perfectly. This is considered as one of the most important fashion rules. However, Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013 season offers for us to forget about any rules and start experimenting in a BIG/OVERSIZE way, if you will.

I recommend Pairing your oversize items with something skinny or tight-fitting to create a contrast. Stay away from accessories to make the focus on the oversized item. The bigger the better. Use your oversize item one size up. But if you feel you’ve gone too far, use a belt to make sure your figure isn’t swamped. I wouldn’t want you guys shape to resemble Spongebob (big at the top small at the bottom). lol..j/k. I think. You can just about purchase anything oversized from dresses and skirts to sweaters and tees.

Oversized Coats


Oversized Pants

Oversized Sweaters

Oversized Cardigans

Oversized Shirts

 What are your thoughts on the oversized trend???

 If you haven’t already, will you be adopting this trend???


Season Trend:TomBoy Chic

More than ever women are rocking the tomboy chic look. This fashion statement has influenced pop culture for quite some time, (It all started in the 90’s with TLC and Aaliyah) raising it’s head in the form of the boyfriend jeans, boyfriend sweaters, graphic tees, sneakers, and the fitted caps.I remember when sneakers were frowned upon by “fashionistas”. Now this is a trend that’s seemingly being adopted by the masses. I’ve even considered toying around with sneakers to prove I’m an all around fashionista, who can rock any and everything. I haven’t been able to get to it just yet but maybe the new year will allow for me to attempt this trend. That’s of course if we don’t all die on Friday.

Tomboy Chic is when one adds a variety of boyish trends with chic trends, like pairing a pair of sneakers with a dress or wearing a pair of baggy jeans with some heels and a fitted cap.


Have you adopted this trend or will you be adopting this trend???



Season Trend:Think Red and Pink!

Pink and red and no longer Valentines Day inspired colors. We saw the color combo last season and it’s back again. Such a romantic sexy color combo, right? Just a few years ago this combo would have been frowned upon. It has been against the fashion grain to wear red and pink, green and blue, or brown and black in the same outfit. My mom hates brown and black together and can’t make any sense of it when I wear it. Lol, mom get with the program. Any who, as fashion evolves these not so popular trends have become more popular to the masses. I love pink and red and pink and orange together.

How to wear the two:

1) Tie the clashing colors together by adding neutral pieces.

2)Wear solid colors. Red and pink prints together will always clash.

Pink and Red


Pink and Red 2


What are some of your favorite color combinations??