Sitting on my couch!

Baking -It started out with me making sweet potato pies for Thanksgiving and now I’m obsessed with finding recipes and recreating them. Can’t wait to share.

Journaling – Today was my first day journaling and I loved it. I’m actually looking forward to journaling tomorrow. Very therapeutic!

My new place – Its so perfect 😊🙌🏾. I’ve actually been living here for 3 months now.

Decorating my new place- Its fun and exciting to see my vision start to come to life but also difficult, mainly because I’m so picky and I overthink everything 🙄. Actually I just need a million dollars and this project will be complete. I will post some of my inspiration next week.

My Victoria Secret Robe – I look forward to coming home after a long day and dropping all my clothes at the doe while wrapping myself in my cozy Robe. It’s the little things that matter.

Balmain spring/summer 2017 collection!

Flats/Sneakers- I wore flats all summer and it just kinda rolled over. I’m so over wearing uncomfortable cute shoes. Not interested!


My skin- it’s been so dry and unruly these last few months. I’m trying some new product (Murad) hopefully it will clear up soon.

Working out and Eating right- Major struggle for me these days and I’m sure this is why my skin is acting up. I’m making a change quick.  🤥

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time…xoxo